The Pain Truth


Based on your answers to the NSSS on January 01, 1970
Your current DANGER score is 0
Your current SAFETY score is 0
If your current DANGER score is higher than your SAFETY score, then your goal must be to reverse that.
The pain experience is complex and is influenced my many factors. There is rarely one “magic cure” or a “quick fix”. To help you in your recovery and your quality of life, you may consult a knowledgeable healthcare provider who can help you in the following areas that are check marked ().

1.  Your stress & worry about pain
2.  Your fear of not recovering
3.  Your life stress & anxiety
4.  Your low mood & sadness
5.  Your legal issues & anger
6.  Your poor sleep
7.  Your sense of loneliness
8.  You doing too much & pushing too hard
9.  Your reliance on certain medications & drugs
10.  Your sense of hopelessness
1.  Your activity goals with a clear plan
2.  Your sense of control over pain
3.  Your level of fun & pleasure in life
4.  Trusting your own body
5.  Self-acceptance
6.  Your sense of control over stress & anxiety
7.  Your level of physical activity
8.  Time spent on relaxation & mindfulness
9.  Your diet & nutrition
10.  Your sense of hopelessness