Welcome to The Pain Truth Program for Fibromyalgia & Persistent Pain

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This 6-week program is to be completed with guidance from a Pain Truth Certified (PTC) health care provider.


Please view the following 3 short videos and answer the PHASE I questions below to determine if the program is right for you.

English videos                                             Vidéos en français

The Light Bulb Story                                                        .                   

Understanding Pain 101                         Comprendre la douleur 101 

Danger & Safety                                                Danger et Sécurité

NOTE: In order to continue with The Pain Truth program, you are to have consulted a Medical Doctor to ensure that you do not have a serious medical condition needing urgent medical attention.

You may listen to the following audio files in order to better understand the intention of this program.

You may listen to one audio a day as it can be overwhelming. Be patient, that is why the program is 6-12 weeks in length.

Audio 1: Hello I’m your pain… Seriously, can we talk?                Audio 2: Hello I’m your pain… I’ve literally saved you ass 

Audio 3: Hello I’m your pain… Accept me as I am                Audio 4: Hello I’m your pain… Please be mindful of me 

Audio 5: Hello I’m your pain… You REALLY need  pleasure             Audio 6: Hello I’m your pain… Try a little self-compassion

Audio 7: Hello I’m your pain… Open the door & step outside           Audio 8: Hello I’m your pain… Fear is why I’m hanging around

Audio: Hello I’m your Frozen Shoulder pain

Audio: Hello I’m your neck pain after your whiplash