Welcome to The Pain Truth Program for Fibromyalgia & Persistent Pain

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This program is designed to empower and improve the quality of life for those living with persistent pain related to Fibromyalgia and other chronic health conditions.

The Pain Truth educational videos are freely accessible on this website and are to be viewed while completing the interactive E-Workbook (your own personal copy) or Workbook (which may also be provided to you by your health care provider).

The Pain Truth program is designed to be completed with a knowledgeable and caring health care professional (e.g. a physical therapist) who has received training in this approach.

Before continuing any further, please view the following 3 short videos and answer the following 8 questions to determine if the program is right for you.

English videos                                             Vidéos en français

The Light Bulb Story                                                        .                   

Understanding Pain 101                         Comprendre la douleur 101 

Danger & Safety                                                Danger et Sécurité