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For over 30 years now I have devoted my life to learning as much as I could about physical pain, specifically chronic pain and why it persists. I have also been committed to sharing this information with as many patients and healthcare providers as possible; teaching thousands of courses and programs across canada and internationally. 


In the past 30 years there has been an exponential rise in the use of a range of investigations and treatments for chronic pain with billions of dollars spent by those in desperate search for some kind of long term or even short relief. 


The treatments for pain include pharmaceutical interventions, everything from over the counter creams to opioids, various electrical to manual therapies, injections to surgeries. One would assume that with the billions of dollars spent on investigations and treatments we would have at least somewhat reduced the incidence of chronic pain, but sadly not at all. 


Not only has the incidence not decreased, it has dramatically increased and continues to be on the rise worldwide. This means, things are actually getting worse; not despite the interventions but sometimes because of these interventions.


Insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results. Something must change. What i passionately propose is that our mindset about pain is what primarily needs to change. is devoted to offer an evidence-based approach by providing accessible support, education and effective self-treatments for those currently living with persistent pain.



This empowering program is freely available to the public. There are no ads, no sponsors and there is absolutely nothing sold on this site. If you find the resources and education here beneficial and wish to contribute to the continuity of this initiative, you have the opportunity to support this cause with a donation of any amount you feel comfortable with. 


Your generosity, whether through contributions or simply by engaging with our content, plays a crucial role in our efforts to offer hope and support more accessible for all those living with persistent pain.

With gratitude,

Bahram Jam

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