The Pain Truth E-Workbook

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This interactive E-Workbook is an essential part of the program.

You may either save it on your computer, or print it and fill it out with a pen.

NOTE: There is a nominal fee for the E-Workbook as studies show that people are more likely to read and complete a book that they pay for versus a book received for free.



You deserve the truth and straightforward answers to the following questions…

 What is pain and why am I feeling it?

Why is it still there after soooo long?

And, most importantly, what can I do about it, to move forward with my life?

The sole purpose of this E-Workbook is to help those coping with persistent and medically “unexplained pain,” to feel in control and optimistic about once again regaining their quality of life.

So here is The Pain Truth and Nothing But!

18 reviews for The Pain Truth E-Workbook

  1. Bob Jam

    Brad G (verified owner)

    Definitely a valuable book for anyone dealing with persistent pain.

  2. Philipq Ruiz

    Philipq Ruiz (verified owner)

    fantastic. My success with not just persistent pain client but many others has been even better since incorporating many of the ideas from the program

  3. carmie

    love it!!!

  4. Evelyne Lajoie

    In just 6 weeks of the program, my client & I saw significant improvements in all the test & retest measures. An excellent tool.

  5. Bob Jam

    Angelo F

    This book and program have truly changed my life. Thank you

  6. Bob Jam

    fatemeh R

    Strongly recommend this e-book & program as it is the ONLY thing that has helped me in 3 years. Excellent material.

  7. Bob Jam

    Eva J.

    Really thorough pain program. I am now off my pain medications. Thank you very much!

  8. Bob Jam

    B. Hakhamaneshi

    Strongly suggest this program, I like the paper version of the Workbook more, more convenient than the E-workbook.

  9. Bob Jam

    Nadia H.

    I greatly thank my physiotherapist for introducing me to this program and this book

  10. Bahram Jam

    S. Patel

    It is challenging to do this program on your own, so in the end I saw a physiotherapist and with their help I successfully completed it…my life has positively changed thanks to the goals I set…I did it all by myself, just needed a little “push”!

  11. Bahram Jam

    Carol P

    I am truly unpressed that there were no hidden sales stuff behind this program, just information that has literally transformed my life THANK YOU!

  12. Bahram Jam


    The best investment I ever made in my life, I thank my OT for telling me about this free program

  13. Bahram Jam

    JP (verified owner)

    Finally after years of seeing doctors and therapists, I get a logical explanation for my symptoms. Thank you.

  14. Bahram Jam

    Sylvie W (verified owner)

    “The hardest type of pain to endure… is an unexplained one”, a truly life changing book & program

  15. Bahram Jam

    T. Gonzales (verified owner)

    It was so easy to follow with all the video links inside the ebook. Each video made me feel more optimistic.

  16. Bahram Jam

    M. Taheri (verified owner)

    The program didn’t eliminate my pain, but I am definitely more active now.

  17. Bob Jam

    B. MacDonald, Surrey BC (verified owner)

    Truly an excellent program. I loved the animation videos, simple and to the point. My quality of life has definitely improved with this program.

  18. Bob Jam

    Bob Jam (verified owner)

    Highly recommended. It’s not an easy program to do, but definitely worth it. You really have to WANT to get better. I quit my first time around, but the second time, I am very happy that I did it.

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