The Pain Truth Book & Workbook



These books will not offer you any “magic cures” or “quick fixes”, but provide step by step guide to improve your current quality of life. They are to be used in conjunction with the videos on and the assistance of your PTC healthcare provider.

NOTE: There is a nominal fee for the Workbook as studies show that people are more likely to read and complete a book that they pay for versus a book they receive for free.


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You deserve the truth and straightforward answers to the following questions…

 What is pain and why am I feeling it?

Why is it still there after soooo long?

And, most importantly, what can I do about it, to move forward with my life?

The sole purpose of the Book & Workbook is to help those coping with persistent and medically “unexplained pain,” to feel in control and optimistic about once again regaining their quality of life.

So here is The Pain Truth and Nothing But!