The Pain Truth


Reasons provided for not beginning the Pain Truth program

“This program will not help me, because my pain is REAL”

Fact: All pain is REAL, there is no such thing as imagined pain. If you experience it, it’s REAL!


“My x-ray and MRI clearly show I have degeneration and tears; so it’s not all in my head”

Fact: Again all pain is REAL, however the primary cause of most persistent pain is not from injured or damaged tissues.

Fact: Almost 98% of people with NO pain have “abnormalities” on their imaging reports. If x-rays and MRIs accurately predicted pain, then 98% of all adults would have pain, and that is simply NOT TRUE. Images are very rarely predictive of pain.


“I’ve already tried all kinds of therapies and treatments and this program isn’t going to work either.”

Fact: This program will focus on improving your function and quality of life, but will not focus on eliminating pain. The paradox is that once focus is taken away from “fixing” pain or a specific part of your body, the nervous system calms and recovery takes place.


 “Pain obviously means I’ve damaged something and I have to live with this”

Fact: Many factors influence pain.

Fact: Persistent pain is rarely associated with damage, but a sign of an overprotective & hypersensitive nervous system.

Fact: An overprotective system can be reversed and a hypersensitive nervous system can be desensitized!